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These items/game modes can be found in Bob Ross' Happy Colors shop in the Market District. They are automatically unlocked if the player finds enough floaty brushes. For video tutorials on how to find these hidden collectables visit the Floaty Brushes page.

Name Description Cost (Floaty Brush)
Biggs & Bomber Outfits (Removed) Concept Art 2
Color Spirits Concept Art 4
Muddy's Farm Concept Art 6
Mood Art: Red District Concept Art 8
District Houses Concept Art 10
Koru's Hideout Concept Art 12
Shooting Enemy Concept Art 14
Red District - Harbor Bridge Concept Art 16
Big & Small Citizens Concept Art 18
Big Head Mode Scales the heads of all characters in the game while active. 20
Biggs & Bomber (early concept) Concept Art 22
Cargo Rail Concept Art 24
Whale Concept Art 26
Tentacle Monster Concept Art 28
Black & White Mode Makes the game black and white while active. 30
Blue District Architecture Concept Art 32
Color Spirits & Bleak Spirit Concept Art 34
Security System Concept Art 36
Koru Concept Art 38
Small Head Mode Scales the heads of all characters in the game while active. 40
Fishermen Concept Art 42
Green District - Bridge (Removed) Concept Art 44
Tentacle Monster Spawn Concept Art 46
Boats Concept Art 48
Switched Color Mode 50
Colorcage Concept Art 52
Loud Floor Concept Art 54
Bolzo Concept Art 56
Tank Enemy (Removed) Concept Art 58
Mirrored World Mode Mirrors the game world while active, creating a completeley new experience. 60
Security System Boss Concept Art 62
Climb Wall Concept Art 64
Orchestra Concept Art 66
Rob Boss Concept Art 68
Scarlet (Removed) Concept Art 70
God Mode Activates God Mode while active. 75
Combat Arena Unlocks the Combat Arena, where the player has to fight 20 waves of enemies in increasing difficulty. 80